• ReSolve Riffs with Rob Carver on Smart Portfolios and the Evolution of Systematic Trading
    A systematic response to dynamic scenarios, removing one’s emotions from the equation, has been the standard approach in the military for millennia. In the world of investing, rules-based methodologies remain a contentious topic, even though a majority of the most successful asset managers are quants. Rob Carver (Independent Systematic Researcher and Author) knew early on […]

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  • All Strategies “Blow Up”

    We are a quantitative finance shop, right down to the ground. All of our portfolios are driven by supervised quantitative models with no discretionary intervention. As such, I was inspired to respond to a recent article on the risk of quant strategies, as I think the way our team approaches quantitative research diverges from how many outsiders perceive quant, and…

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  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation: Just the Facts

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  • We’re Launching Our 2nd Blog: SKEW

    Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Skew, our second blog.  Until we move it to its permanent home, you can find it at GestaltU.com/skew/.  Bookmark it or add it to your feed reader right now.  Go ahead, we’ll wait. Every day, we consume a formidable amount of information.  Some of the content is intriguing, some amusing, and some…

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  • Winning By Not Losing: Bootstrap Quantile Clouds

    Fundamental Rule #1: For most investors, financial risk is singularly defined as the probability of not reaching financial goals. As such, the sole objective of investing is to minimize this risk. If you are an average investor with a typically basic understanding of investing, Rule #1 above will probably make perfect sense. However, if you are a financial professional, you will probably have…

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  • The Narrative is Reality

    Back in the days when I still thought markets were driven by fundamentals I used to be a big fan of Don Coxe’s monthly commentaries. Don was at the epicenter of the commodity / BRIC narrative, and his commentaries were dense with historical context, pithy quotes, and compelling analysis. He was the progenitor of the concept of a ‘triple waterfall…

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  • Your Alpha is My Beta

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