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  • Mythbusters: Investor Edition

    Myth #1: It Is Not Possible to Time the Market It is a common refrain from mutual fund and investment management marketing material that investors should assume that it is impossible to time the market. In reality, with a fairly simple toolbox small investors can take steps to largely avoid major bear markets while enjoying the bulk of large, multi-year…

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  • Mythbusters: Investor Edition

    It is prudent periodically to upset the apple cart in order to see what sort of rot and grime are sitting at the bottom. This series, which will include four or five posts over the next few days, will explore some common myths about investing and the investment industry. The modern investment industry is highly motivated to conceal the realities…

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  • Astrology, Voodoo, Tarot Cards and Economics

    From a recent piece by Michael Hudson (h/t Leo Kolivakis), economist and author of ‘Trade, Development and Foreign Debt’: Bad economic content starts with bad methodology. Ever since John Stuart Mill in the 1840s, economics has been described as a deductive discipline of axiomatic assumptions. Nobel Prize winners from Paul Samuelson to Bill Vickery have described the criterion for economic…

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  • Quantifying the Debt Drag

    Most economists and analysts do a poor job of capturing the juxtaposition between normal cyclical recovery expectations and long-term headwinds from structural consumer over-indebtedness. Those who argue for a perpetuation of the consumer credit cycle that began post WWII and accelerated exponentially starting in 1982, with a steepening in 1994, must implicitly believe that household debt can grow to the…

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  • Hussman: We face two possible states of the world.

    John Hussman manages the eponymous Hussman Funds. Hussman was among the few who both forecast the 2008/2009 credit crisis, and also had the fortitude to position his clients’ defensively in advance. Returns this year have lagged global stocks, but Hussman is largely unrepentant. Like us, he lacks faith in the sustainability of the current rally, and rails against the unconstitutional…

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  • On Empiricism vs. Platonicity

    I spent several years in Asia, and one of my most striking observations about immersion in a foreign culture is the potential for such vast discrepancies in perceptions of the absurd. For example, in much of Asia it is untenable to question the chain of command, in any setting. In teaching at an Asian school, high level school administrators had…

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