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  • CNBC Appearance

    As promised, CNBC went ahead with an interview to discuss some of our team’s more troubling findings. Click on the video below to see Butler|Philbrick & Associates’ own Adam Butler discuss risky retirement planning, as well as some potential solutions, live on air with host Erin Burnett. If you have any questions about points made in the video, please feel…

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  • Quirky QWERTY

    Parents will be familiar with the age-old question, ‘But why?’, repeated ad nauseum by children everywhere as they try to understand cause and effect in the world around them. My daughter, who is learning to spell, recently stumped me with this question in reference to the alphabetic keyboard on her word game console. She was typing away in the car…

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  • Butler|Philbrick & Associates Featured In the Press

    Your humble bloggers were featured in a Reuters story on May 26th discussing how wealthy investors’ expectations have changed over the past 18 months. WEALTH MANAGER- Wealthy clients looking for plans they can trust Wed, May 26 2010 * Wealthy investors have grown more skeptical of advice * Clients taking matters more into their own hands * Evidence-backed advice can…

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  • Don’t Touch That Marshmallow

    Every parent is concerned with whether his or her child has what it takes to succeed in life. We obsess over reading and speaking skills, counting, and how our children interact with us and others in their lives. Parents secretly (or not so secretly) revel in their childrens’ achievements, and marvel at their talents and intelligence. What many parents may…

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  • Harness The Human Condition to Achieve Financial Independence

    The last few posts (here and here) have injected a dose of reality into the debate around future return expectations for ‘Buy and Hold’ investors. Markets have been expensive for over 80% of periods since 1994, and never reached the genuinely low valuations associated with secular bear markets, even at the depths of 2003 and 2008-9. By most traditional measures,…

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  • A Requiem for MPT

    Modern Portfolio Theory was conceived by Harry Markowitz in the 1960s, and is the theory upon which almost all contemporary investment professionals base portfolio decisions. Some tenets within MPT are quite useful in practice, and add value to the portfolio construction process. For example, there is clear evidence that diversification reduces portfolio volatility when applied wisely, though not nearly to…

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