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  • Reuters Interviews Butler|Philbrick & Associates’ Adam Butler

    Behavioral investing gains traction Fri, Jul 23 2010 By John McCrank TORONTO (Reuters) Irrational reactions to the market chaos in recent years have led many investors to get an old market truism backwards: they’ve been buying high and selling low, and one result has been much more cynicism toward financial advisers. To steady the ship, so to speak, many wealth…

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  • Market Update: July 23rd, 2010

    This is a quick update on markets and models. As you know, markets swooned in April, May and June, culminating in a nearly 12% loss for average Canadian investors in global stocks at the deepest stage of the decline. Market risk doubled between April and June as measured by standard volatility measures. The three primary risk management layers in our…

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  • Jekyll or Hyde Market

    Readers will undoubtedly be familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous tale, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The story centers around a well respected (though hardly innocent) physician, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who produces a potion which causes him to transform into a cruel, sadistic, evil Mr. Edward Hyde. Wikipedia asserts that the story is, in fact, “an…

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  • Jekyll or Hyde Markets

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  • A Tale of Two Markets

    It is well known in professional investment circles that the vast majority of investment returns over the long term are the result of appropriate asset allocation decisions. The decision to be invested in stocks – virtually any diversified basket of stocks – has a much larger impact on performance than the decision of what stocks to invest in. An investor…

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  • The Three Horsemen of Retirement Apocalypse

    We have stated many times in past articles that the brain uses facts as factors, but makes decisions on emotion. This article will present some extraordinarily important facts for people approaching, or already in retirement. Unfortunately, the facts alone are unlikely to motivate readers to change their behaviour; for most of us, it generally takes substantial emotional trauma to compel…

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