We’re Launching Our 2nd Blog: SKEW

We’re Launching Our 2nd Blog: SKEW
March 13, 2015

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Skew, our second blog.  Until we move it to its permanent home, you can find it at GestaltU.com/skew/.  Bookmark it or add it to your feed reader right now.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Every day, we consume a formidable amount of information.  Some of the content is intriguing, some amusing, and some infuriating.  And we have thoughts on many of those pieces.  Yet, rather than writing on topics outside GestaltU’s characteristic long-form investment research, we have thus far chosen to focus on the single content style that long-time readers have come to expect.  In order to maintain such high standards, we’ve rarely ventured outside of those confines.  But as we’ve grown as writers, it’s become more difficult to contain the breadth of topics we’d like to post on, and the voice we’d like to write with.

Hence, Skew.

Among the many reasons for launching Skew, we hope to:

  1. Be respectful of your time. We know that not everyone has the time or inclination to consume 1,500 word essays.  Skew, wherever possible, will present short-form content.
  2. Write in English.  Many of the posts on Gestalt are highly technical and difficult to understand.  With Skew, we want to distill long articles down to the salient points and translate technical information into understandable prose with actionable intelligence.
  3. Post more frequently. It takes a remarkable amount of time to research, write, polish and publish a long-form essay.  This is why we’re scarcely able to post more than an 1-2 articles per month.  Our goal for Skew is to publish more frequently, on issues that are informative, relevant and timely.
  4. Write a bit off-topic. Did you see last year’s foray into inane NCAA March Madness pool rules?  That kind of post has Skew written all over it!
  5. Clarify our thinking. We find that writing helps us clarify our own thinking on complex issues.  Skew provides us with an additional outlet to help us process our own thoughts on markets, economies and the world at large.

For our long-time readers, let us be clear: GestaltU will continue to bring you the same style of content you’ve come to expect from us.  We’re adding the Skew blog in addition; we don’t expect to draw resources away from the development of our long-form content.

One last thing, since the timing seems so good.  We just published our 2015 update to last year’s March Madness blog post.  You can find our 2015 update here.